Extraordinary story of an ordinary girl…

The criteria of success for all are different, but the real success is that which can be an example for others. One such story is that of 24-year-old Sunita Mandloi who lives in tribal-dominated village Babdad in Barwani district. Sunita was born in a poor farming family of Barwani district, where there was already an elder brother and two elder sisters. Since the parents were unable to afford the fourth child, they gave Sunita to her uncle just after her birth. After being away from parents, another big storm came in Sunita's life and she became a victim of polio virus And Sunita got paralyzed from one leg.

Since Sunita's uncle's economic condition was also not good, she could not study after 8th standard. However, the challenges of time could never suppress the enthusiasm and desire of moving ahead of Sunita. Eventually, Sunita gave an opportunity to move forward and change its destiny.

Sunita came in contact with PECSS and got the opportunity to participate in the Garment Making training under FVTRS project. During the training, Sunita's full attention was to learn each part of the sewing work closely. After the training, Sunita took the benefit of some government scheme and arrange a sewing machine and after that Sunita started garment making work for the other women and girls of the village and surrounding areas, which gradually increased her income and efficiency.

Eventually, A year later, PECSS needed a good trainer for the florescent jacket training programme under the FVTRS project. When Sunita came to know of this, she contacted the organization and expressed her desire to work as a trainer. The organization appointed Sunita as seen her talent and spirit. In the said training, 20 women and girls trained by Sunita. After that some other organizations working in the area also gave the job of tailoring trainer to Sunita. Today Sunita is earning more than Rs.7000 per month through her sewing work and training job. However, this is only the first step of success, Sunita's self-esteem and her dreams with skill have also grown and she is continuously moving forward in the direction of getting new heights.

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