Miracle of farmers

During the PRA, the people of the village informed that all the people in the area regularly eat potatoes in their meals but no farmer at the regional level produces potatoes and onions. All have to buy potatoes and onions from the market for their use. Therefore, if the local farmers will duly train, they can produce potatoes for themselves and can earn profit by selling. These farmers have also been linked to th e skill net mission by PECSS.

Under the scope model as per the PRA needs, potato cultivation training was given to 40 selected farmers. Initially the farmers were scared about this crop, because they had never planted potatoes before in life. But during the PRA, it was found in the testing of soil that potato yield on this land would be very good. Therefore, we have encouraged farmers constantly. In this work, PECSS took the help of agricultural experts of KVK and Agriculture experts of district Khargoan.

A total of 40 farmers were trained for potato cultivation but only 18 farmers were ready to provide their land and payment for seeds for this work. 17 farmers given only 2 bigha land for the cultivation of potato, there was only one farmer (Kailash) who took the risk of cultivating potatoes on his entire 2 acres of land. Then Potato cultivation started under the guidance of agricultural experts. The hard works of the farmers and our efforts have received good results and po tato crop is ready for harvest in a few days.


As per the growth of crop agricultural experts told that farmers will get 40 quintal of potato per bigha from this crop. By which, every farmer has to get at least 8 times the profits of his cost. Earlier, the farmers did not get this much profit on their traditional produces. Seeing this unprecedented success of farmers, all the surrounding farmers are ready to grow potatoes in their fields also. Thus, these farmers not only changed their lives, but also showed others the new path to success.

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