No limits can stop you if you want to turn your dream into reality

Hailing from a small village Bijapuri in block sendhwa of district Barwani Madhya Pradesh, A women group has proved that no boundaries can stop you if you aspire to dream big and turn it into reality. A Group of 12 tribal women who had not done any livelihood activity earlier as collectives but they had dream of success, there was a hope and a lot of courage. And by seeing this courage.

these women were trained in Kadaknath poultry farming by PECSS. After 2 months of training, women started Kadaknath farming work as a small

enterprise with 200 chicks. Initially, women were trapped, because this species of poultry has to be cautious more than other species, their mortality rates are also high. But gradually women became habituated in their work. Initially the women's family members prevented women from doing the activities of this work. The women also had anticipated that the monthly recurring cost of these chickens is Rs 12000. In such a way, how this venture will be successful in the end. But for 4 months women did not give up and remained attached to this work. Four months later when customers firstb approached to buy chickens and offer Rs. 1200 per kg for kadaknath chickens. Women realized that their hard work started bringing color. Gradually, the

female chickens started laying eggs and an egg sold at a price of 30 to 40 rupees. In this way women started earning gradually. After Cost of approximately Rs. 76000 in four months, the sale of 100 chickens has so far been given to women by sale of income of 120000 thousand rupees and Rs. 5000 they got from the sale of eggs. ‘Think big, dream big’ is the mantra that this group believe in. In the interview women of the group said that, Ever since our journey started from very small initiative, we always wanted to make it big. And after working in the poultry farming, we realized if you want to do something new, then you should have so much faith in your work and abilities that you can put everything at stake.

Inspired by the success of women, many government departments now want to provide benefit from their schemes. Women also got the assurance from Cooperative department to registering Kadkanath unit as a cooperative society. Now the trust and confidence of women's families has increased. And with all these things the confidence of the group women is at peak. Perhaps this is also the best outcome of this work.

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