The hard work and the confidence put the mile stone of success

Ramchandra is a simple boy lives in tribal village – Borli in sendhwa block of  Barwani district. His father is Mr. Rumaliya solanki who feed the family by cultivating land and labour work. Ramchandra has two brothers and one sister in which he is the eldest. He studied in government school till 8th, but due to poor economic condition of the family, he was unable to continue his studies and he started helping to his father in farming.

Ramchandra may have to leave the studies incomplete, but he is a brave boy who wants to achieve success by working hard in life. Ramchandra does not leave any chance of learning, an example of this is that the MPSRLM department encouraged Ramchandra to become a group motivator, while accepting it, he worked hard and formed several women groups in a short time period. At the same time, she also encouraged women to save and repay their debts in groups.

Similarly, when the PRA program was conducted in Borli village under the Scope Model by PECSS, Ramchandra took part in it and encouraged other youths and villagers to join PRA activity. Ramchandra has demanded motor wading training during the PRA by discussing thoughts with the youths of village.

The first training under the SCOPE was started in village Borli by observing the eagerness and passion of Ramchandra and other youths.

Ramchandra was also participated in the training with full tenacity and studied every aspect of the motor winding work in depth.

On the special demand of Ramchandra and his companions, the training of motor wading has been extended for one month by PECSS.

Now the final face of training is going on and Ramchandra got loan to build his house on his father's farm under the Prime Minister's Housing Scheme and in that house, he is also building a motor winding shop, so that he could start his self employment immediately after the training.

During the training, Financial Linkage Program was organized between the officials of the Bank of India and the trained beneficiaries for the provision of capital to start the work of motor winding work.

In this program Ramchandra took part in the preparations and asked various types of questions about the loan, which also pleased the officials of the bank. He told that he and Danaish want to start the work of motor winding together, for which, it was suggested by the bank officials that they should apply for loans under “Aadivasi Vitt Vikas Yojna”, which would also get 30 per cent grant.

Ramchandra and Dinesh have submitted the application for the said loan, after acceptance, they will start the work shortly.

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